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Turn Typeform Responses in to Webhooks

Use our No Code parsing engine to turn your Typeform response emails in to JSON and send to other services

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No Code Email Parsing

Robust Parsing Rules

Use our parsing rules to consistently parse each email the same way

No Code Needed

Turn your emails in to structured sharable data without a single line of code

Custom Email Addresses

Each user gets their own custom email address for receiving inbound emails

Easy To Use Integrations

Connect your parsed email data with any third party that accepts webhooks

Private Inboxes

On our paid plans, users get access to private inboxes hidden from the public

Unlimited Sanbdox

When testing, setup as many custom emails as you want and inspect inbound emails.

Email Parsing Tutorials + Articles

Learn how to Parse Emails and automate your business

Parse Your Typeform Response Emails With Nocode

Parse Typeform Response Emails

With our easy to use email parsing tool, you can parse your Typeform response emails and send them to a CRM or a Email marketing platform. This process which is typically manual and time consuming can now be automated. With our parsing rules, you can build a fully custom parser, using nocode, that turns your typeform form emails into data that can then be sent to other third parties like a CRM, spreadsheet or marketing automation platform.

The email parsing process is fully automated and will run without any intervention from your team. Simply add a custom @hostedhooks.com email to receive your new lead emails and watch as the entire parsing process is automated for you. The entire setup requires absolutely nocode and will save you tons of time and money that would normally be spent on software development.

We also have a full library of tutorials and articles that will help you learn how to parse emails and automate your business. Some of the more popular use cases for email parsing include:

  • Turn emails into notifications for sales reps
  • Automate the entry of new leads into CRM
  • Kickoff marketing automation based on a new lead
  • Turn emails into a new contact in your ESP
  • Automatically import new sales data into a spreadsheet for analysis

inbound email parsing

Frequently asked questions

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What is email parsing?
Email parsing is the process of turning emails that you receive in to structured data (JSON) so that you can then take that data and do things with it. Things like send to Slack to trigger a notification, send in to Airtable to record data, automatically import them in to your marketing platform, etc.
How does email parsing work?
Once you sign up, you'll have the ability to create a custom email address to which you can send emails to. When we receive an email to that address, we will take the contents and parse it for you. From there you can choose to either use the data as is, or use our Parsing Rules to parse it down in to more specific data. Once you are ready, you connect your rules with a destination and every email that comes in to that custom email address will get parsed and routed.
Once my emails are parsed, what can I do with them?
Once your emails are parsed they are now in a format that other web applications accept. Our users typically want to send that structured data to other platforms to do something with it. We support any platforms that accept inbound webhooks. There are lots and the list keeps growing, but to name a few you can integrate with Slack, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat and Google Sheets.
How does Email parsing work with Typeform?
Typeform, a platform that allows you to build custom forms and surveys will send out an email whenever you receive a new form repsonse. These response can be forwarded to your custom HostedHook's email inbox where you can set up parsing rules to turn those response emails into webhooks, which cna be easily integrated into other platforms like Airtable, Slack, Zapier and many more.

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