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Heroku Addon: Add Webhooks With One Click

Our Heroku Addon makes installation dead simple

webhooks heroku integration

One-Click Webhook Integration

Automate your integration

By using the Heroku platform, we are able to initialize your HostedHooks account and instantly tie it into your Heroku application with one click.

Easy Setup

Your HostedHooks account gets created automatically and immediately tied to your Heroku Account, making setup that much easier.

Single Sign On

Our integration comes with Heroku Single Sign On (SSO), so you can login directly from your heroku account.

Simple Billing

Billing is integrated with your Heroku account, so no credit card needed and you can view all invoices and payments through your Heroku portal.

Start sending webhooks from your Heroku app today

Frequently asked questions

How do I install the HostedHooks Heroku Addon?
Being one of our easiest integrations, it literally is a one click install from our Heroku Addon page.
How long does it take to integrate with HostedHooks?
Every integration is different, but a senior developer should be able to build out a working version within a day and be production ready in under a week.
How does billing work with Heroku?
For Heroku users, one of the benefits of using our Heroku Addon is that your billing is streamlined into your Heroku billing, which makes it easy to manage.
Why should I use the Heroku addon over another integration?
We have many great integrations and many more coming, but the Heroku integration is appealing if you are already a Heroku user from a ease of use and organization perspective.

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Out-Of-The-Box Webhooks

Every thing you need for enterprise grade production ready webhooks

Easy Integration

Our JSON API and integrations makes it easy to trigger webhook events from your Application

Enterprise Level Security

All webhooks are SSL secured and contain Signing Secrets to prevent Replay, Forgery and Man-in-the-middle attacks

Smart Retries

Managing webhook retries is a pain. Our exponential back offs, endpoint monitoring and notifications handle it for you

Make Your Subscribers Happy

Give your users a primo experience with our mock payloads, webhook logs and subscriber portal

Endpoint Monitoring

We monitor your subscriber endpoints for SSL and uptime and send notifications for nonresponsive endpoints

Transparent Webhooks

All webhook attempts are logged so you and your subscribers can easily search, debug and replay old events

Branded Portal

Give your subscribers a branded experience with a custom subdomain and your logo uploaded on the subscriber portal

Webhooks Sandbox

User our HookHelpers to receive/store full request payloads, making it easy to inspect webhooks without leaving the platform

Endpoint Version Control

Our platform makes it easy to manage versioning and helps your subscribers upgrade without compatibility issues

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