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We've Launched our HostedHooks Webhook Developer Community September 2022 · Ian

HostedHooks Developer Community

We're excited to share that we've started a HostedHooks Developer community and want to invite you to join. Whether you are just researching webhooks, a current or prospective HostedHooks customer or a dev that wants to hack against our HostedHooks API, everyone is welcome.

Come join and say 'Hi'

You can join here

We debated quite a bit on what platform to choose and ultimately went with Discord. We felt that Discord would give us the flexibility to build out a place where we can provide manual and automated updates, proper moderation controls, cool integrations and the right foundation for a growing developer community.

We'll be using this community as one of our main channels for communicating with our users. That will include:

  • Product updates
  • Platform status
  • Invites for beta features
  • Support requests
  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Webhook solutioning
  • API integrations

We hope to see you in there!

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