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HostedHooks Launch April 2021 · Ian


I am excited to announce the launch of HostedHooks, which is a Webhooks as a Service platform to help developers quickly and efficiently add webhook sending functionality to their web apps.

As a developer with over 10 years in the field, I've worked with Webhooks doezens of times and have seen first hand what goes into both sending and receiving webhooks. Despite Webhooks being somewhat commoditized, they are still not easy enough to implement and manage. To solve that problem we built HostedHooks!

What is HostedHooks?

Simply put, HostedHooks is a Webhooks as a Service platform. That means that everything that goes into building a custom Webhook sending solution is done for you via HostedHooks. We have taken all of the complexity ( infrastructure, queuing, retries, security, notifications, webhook subscriber management, etc ) and baked it into an easy to use platform for you to manage your webhooks and subscribers.

We've built a robust RESTful JSON API for you to integrate with and use whenever you need to trigger a webhook.

This JSON payload below is an example of what a web app would send us when they want to trigger a new webhook event for a shipped Order.

HostedHooks API Request

In addition to helping you offload the Webhook provider (sending) functionality, we also offer a subscriber portal which makes managing you webhooks subscribers incredibly easy. No more support emails from your webhook subcribers. Now they have a self serve portal to manage everything from the intiial integration to long term support.

How does it work?

To start you need to sign up for an account at Hosted Hooks. Once signed up with an account you will receive an API Token which needs to be used in all API requests.

HostedHooks Webhook Provider Portal

Once on the platform you will setup your Apps, which are the web applications fromw where you are triggering events. These events are what your subscribers will want webhooks for. Once you create your app and webhook events, you will then use the API to integrate with and send HostedHooks API requests (like the image above) as the events are occuring within your application.

We then ingest those messages, route the webhook message to the correct subscibers and manage delivery. Any issues with delivery will start with a retry and then eventually halt where we notify the provider and subscribers.

Once your application has been integrated with the HostedHooks API, you can start inviting Subscribers to your webhooks, which is done in the Provider portal. Subscribers will recieve an email inviting them to setup an account for your App within the HostedHook's Subscriber portal.

From the Subscriber side they will be able to subscriber to some or all of your App's events, setup their endpoints, test mocked Webhook attempts, view payloads, complete their integration and monitor webhook delivery.

Once integrated they will have the ability to monitor all metrics tied to their incoming Webhook requests along with subscribing to any new webhook events.

How Can I Try It Out?

You can sign up for a free account at Hosted Hooks. We provide a batch of Webhook Attempts for free so that you can play around and get a feel for the platform without having to spend any money.

We recommend that you look through the API Documentation and we'll be adding additional developer resources to the site shortly.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can view our pricing here.

If you are sending over 1MM Webhooks per month, there is volume pricing that you can take advantage of. Please reach out to our support and we can chat.

We've got a lot planned in the pipeline and are excited to share all of that with you shortly.

Let us know if you have any questions!


The HostedHooks Team

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